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Islamic University Uganda Students produce hands-free washing aid

by ummah

Islamic University in Uganda students have developed a hands-free hand-washing machine to promote safe hygiene and save water during the COVID-19 pandemic.

the two students, lucky Mwaka and Mansoor Muhammad work at the university’s research and innovations laboratory.

Their concept is aimed at using technology to minimize contact with potentially contaminated surfaces in low-income settings.

“We thought of a way to draw water without having to open and near the taps. this is for people who use soap and water separately or those who do prior mixing of the disinfectant with water,” Umar Yahya, their lecturer, and team leader, told the BBC.

“This can be fitted on any water container; a jerrycan, tank or tin, depending on what one can manage to pay for.”

the invention works using sensors and a sun battery-powered controller.

Mr Mwaka explains: “Water is dispensed while hands are in close proximity with the tap, and closed when arms are moved away. So in cases where water is scarce, you use exactly what you want to clean your fingers. The hands-free washer is made from a plastic bottle, and so is the tap.”

The tool, which costs about $24 (£19.50) to provide, is so far being used on the Islamic University campus in Kibuli, Kampala, and the team is in the process of producing six more, which will be used at their countryside campuses.

The Office of the Rectorship of the Islamic University thanked the innovators for becoming an example in the region with provision of Quality Education services to the people of all races and classes. The enrolment has improved greatly and great change is expected.

Minister of Education in Uganda orders on school term, tertiary institutions.

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