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Turkey Opens Hospital at Gaza to help Muslims To Fight Against COVID-19

by ummah
Turkey Opens Hospital at Gaza

Turkey President, Erdogan, and Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestine agree to open a 180-bed hospital in Gaza. This hospital will be working to curb the spread of the pandemic virus disease.

This time what turkey did is the best thing we will ever imagine, she just established a hospital in Gaza, where the helpless Muslim ummah can fight towards the deadly pandemic disease which has crossed 1million total cases from around the world and about 25% of the whole cases comes from the most powerful nation the united states as NewYork as the epicenter.

On Tuesday, the Palestinian government spokesperson Melhem said that President Mahmoud Abbas and his Turkish counterpart, The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyib Erdogan agreed to start treating patients with the pandemic virus disease over a telephonic agreement.

The Spokesperson, Ibrahim Melhem expressed Palestine’s deep recognize and gratitude for Turkey’s continuous help and support to Palestine.

The hospital is funded through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination agency knew as (TIKA).
around 200 cases were reported so far from all over Palestine while 10 are from the Gaza strip.

there has been a shortage of medical resources in the strip, so Turkey planned to begin its own setup hospital; that is one of the largest hospitals in entire Palestine funded by Turkey and it was completed in 2017, but now starts functioning amid the pandemic virus disease.

indeed, in times of crisis, it’s far usually Turkey which helped the helpless Muslim Ummah either in Palestine or Syria. we all know it very well that the Turkish president is the most loved Muslim personality, he is recognized as the helper of the oppressed. every time when the big Arab nations like KSA, UAE rest of others forget the cause of the oppressed Muslim ummah living in Gaza, the President of Turkey always helped them either with cash, medical aid, or morally.

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